Wearable neural interfaces for everyday use.

We are a tight-knit team of engineers, scientists, and product designers who like to challenge ourselves.

Wearable neural

interfaces for

everyday use.

We are a tight-knit team of engineers, scientists, ML aficionados and

product designers who like to challenge ourselves.

Our Mission

Technology should make our lives easier. Give us more time to be present. Not suck us in. It should be built to create delightful experiences, not painful addictions. The next generation of personal computing should feel seamless and natural.

Our Team

Tanay Kothari
Co-founder & CEO

Previously led Eng & Product at Cerebra. CEO/Founder at FeatherX (Acq'd by Cerebra). Built a voice assistant with 2.5M users. Stanford CS+AI. Published researcher w/ Andrew Ng at Stanford AI. IOI Medalist.

Sahaj Garg
Co-founder & CTO

Previously, AI lead at Luminous Computing. Published researcher w/ Stanford AI, Google Research, Columbia Psych. Graduated from Stanford at the top of eng class (Henry Ford II Scholar).

Anthony Leonardo
Chief Scientist

Systems neuroscience, algorithms, and hardware for 30+ years. ex-Lab head and Director at Janelia/HHMI. Published in Nature, J. Neuroscience, and Nature Neuroscience. Previously at Harvard, Bell Labs, Caltech.

Ian Nauhaus
ML Scientist

Formerly tenured professor of neuroscience and psychology at UT Austin with own NIH-funded lab. Developed novel recording tools to understand neural circuitry in non-human primates.

Chris Donahue
Comp Neuro Lead

Experimental neuroscientist with 18+ years of experience. Published in top-tier journals like Science, Nature Neuroscience, and Neuron. Expert in motor control and decision-making.

Doug Ollerenshaw
Computational Neuroscientist

15+ years of experience in neuroscience and engineering with Inscopix & Allen Institute for Brain Science. Former professional road cyclist and 2003 D1 collegiate cycling champion with Oregon State.

Lucas Marsh
Mechanical Engineer

6+ years with mechanical product design for consumer, defense, and wearable neurotech (previously at Kernel). Degrees in conceptual arts and MechE. Avid surfer.

Paul Levy
Computational Neuroscientist

8+ years of experience in psycho-physics and computational electrophysiology. Studied eye movements & visual perception. Public transit enthusiast, occasional cellist.

Katya Morozova
Computational Neuroscientist

Ph.D. with 10 years of experience in mathematical modeling and electrophysiology, researching rhythm generation and adaptation in motor circuits. Makes neuroscience-inspired art in her free time.

Jeremy Martin
R&D Hardware Lead

15+ years of experience designing and shipping high-volume consumer electronics from concept to production. Built products previously at GoPro, Fitbit, Amazon, Motorola, and Square. Loves to run.

Aditya Mankare
Product Designer

Specialist in design strategy, interaction design, and user research. Expertise in behavioral science and emerging tech. Previously at Meta Reality Labs, Merck, and Canon. Studied HCI at UMich.

Howard Hughes
Data Collection PM

4+ years of neurotech data collection at Kernel and Neuralink. Generalist who can tackle HW/SW problems to keep experiments running smoothly. Rock climber and pianist.

Preston Bowman
Neurotech Experimentalist

Computational Neuroscience and Neurolinguistics at Duke University. Avid runner, language learner, and French horn player.

Daniel Bessonov
Software Engineer

Masters in CS from UPenn's M&T program. Full-stack software engineering @ Ramp, Anduril, and Roblox. Past research experience in cryptography and UAVs. Swimming and poker enthusiast.

Jun Zhuang
Computational Neuroscientist

15+ years of experience in systems neuroscience and neuroanatomy. Studied neurodegenerative diseases, visual perception, brain states, and connectome. Space program enthusiast.

Javier Sagastuy Brena
ML Scientist

Stanford ICME Ph.D. with 8+ years of experience in computational modeling. Research at Stanford NeuroAI Lab in computational neuroscience. ex-Nvidia, ex-Google. Ski racer in the winter.


Advisors & Angels

Marcus Gomez
Co-founder & CEO, Luminous Computing
Ben Jones
Former COO, CTRL Labs
Arash Ferdowsi
Co-founder & CTO, Dropbox
Sergey Stavisky
Assistant Professor in Neuroscience, UC Davis
Maria Rioumine
Co-founder & CEO, Agora Systems
Jose Carmena
Professor in Neuroscience at UC Berkeley, co-CEO at iota
Dave Gilboa
CEO, Warby Parker
Joshua Duyan
Co-founder & former CSO, CTRL Labs
Kevin Weil
President, Product & Business, Planet Labs
Will Ahmed
Co-founder & CEO, Whoop
Chester Chipperfield
Head of Special Projects at Apple, ex-Tesla
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